Miles apart but close at heart

Miles apart but close at heart

We have been friends for fifteen years over, but when miles separate us, do you think that it is the end of our friendship ? do you think can miles truly separate you from your friends ? the others may think so, but not for me and my friends. we have been apart for 2 years over. although we be apart it doesn’t mean we’re not close to each other like how we used to. 

I remember that time when I went far away from my family and my friends. at the first time we still in the touch for about 5 months. but after that when I started my new job in other country, my boss give me a hard time because I am a new one here so I have to show I was a hard worker, I have to focus with my job not for other things. I always been away from my handphone and I call home just to ask how my family is doing okay ? and I’ve never been in the touch with my friends. I change my number, and turn off all my sosial media and told my family don’t ever give my number to anyone even my friends. because that time all I want to do is it just to work, work and work cause I want to show the best of my ability in works.

I was keeping busy all the time but I’ve never not to thinking about my friends and how they’re is doing okay ? I wonder if they still thinks about me, but my mother said they’ve been keep asking about me. I’m glad to heard about that from my mother. I really miss them, even we’re be apart and not in the touch for the past 5 months but they’re still in my heart and they will always be my bestfriend no matter what. I can feel that from deep inside my heart.

After 5 months passed, I turn on all my sosial media and contact all of them because I’m not busier like how I was used to be. They was keep asking me where I have been ? why they can’t reach me ? and if I was doing okay all these time. All that I can do is it to explain everything to them and they understand me. my friend told me from now on, no matter happens, no matter where we go, we must keep in the touch and can’t lost contact again. and I come to realized that how importance these people for me. and after the 5 months we’re not in the touch, I’ve never lose contact with them again for 1 year over until right now.

Now we still have to share everything that happens in our lives. good things, bad things, joys and sorrow. we comforting with one another though it is just behind the telephone, video calls, and chating on blackberry messanger. people may think it is impossible. but nothing is impossible.

People that come into our lives for a reason become a part of who we are. they have been part of our lives for many years. it is impossible for me if miles can seperate us.

It is not easy to find a real friends. it is not easy to find people who will accepted you for who you are. it is not easy to find people who believe in you before anyone else did and no one else would. miles can separate you but don’t ever think that you’re not bestfriend anymore. friends is a friends no matter the distance, nothing can ever change that because they have been part of our lives for many years. they’re your bestfriend the real friends that you have in your life. our human diary, and our other half. they stand for us when times get hard and no matter how small the situation, and will make us strong when we become so weak. they making us laugh when we didn’t even want to smile and because of them we laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more. they’re the person who will be there for us even when we can’t be there for ourselves. they will forgive us when we’re hurt them and will. and they will hate the people who hurt us. they’re the perfect one in our lives. 

It is not easy to build a friendship. So if you already had now, don’t ever let go. we can lose so much in our lives but we can’t lose our friends. even someday miles will separate you, but friends will be always in our heart. 

I guaranteeeeeee……….

Miles apart but close at heart

What Is The Difference Between Friend, Best Friend, Close Friend, and True Friend ?

What Is The Difference Between Friend, Best Friend, Close Friend, and True Friend ?

In life of the various relationships, friendship is something that we treasure all our life. When we speak of friends, they’re many categories of friends which a key difference can be indentified.

Now i’m gonna tell you, the difference between friend, best friend, close friend, and true friend in my opinion (V.K) according to my experience.


Friend are the fundamental element on which our life and journey of relationships are based. friend is someone who you can talk to. a friend could be anything like person, dog, or cat. whatever a friend is it doesn’t matter as long as it’s your friend. a friend is a friend and that’s all that matters.


Best friend is just a hypothetical concept. it is created by people to consule themselves that they have someone called their “Best Friend” and they also will be your close friend.

They’re who will have your back no matter if you’re right or wrong. but that person will also put you in your place when you step out of line. they’re is the person with whom you share everything. they aren’t like just any friend, they are more like family.


Close friend whom you can rely on or trust on. someone who you keep close but also at a distance. they can be someone you don’t see often.

While a best friend is certainly a close one, but a close friend doesn’t have to be a best friend.


A true friend, they’re always there for you no matter what you’re going through in life. however busy they may be, they always take some time out for you. they accept you for who you’re. they always lend you a patient ear, and listen to all your problems.

You feel free to share your insecurities with them, and can be sure that they won’t use it to exploit you. you can be yourself with them. you’re never scared of telling them anything. you know that all your secrets are safe with them, and that they won’t judge you. they will help  you to find the right path if you’re ever lost. they warn you if you are going in the wrong direction. they want you to be happy, without any ulterior motive.

What You’ll Find and See When You Went to Waterloo Street Singapore ?

If the last time i tell you about Hehuanshan Mountain in Central Taiwan. Now, I’m gonna telling you about waterloo street in singapore “whats you’ll find and see when you went there

Waterloo street on singapore known as “Si Beh Lor” Waterloo street is the one of unique street in singapore. and when you go there, you’ll find and see;


The Sri Krishnan Temple is a hindu worshippers. I’m are amazed at the sight of buddhist praying at hindu and vice versa. my friend told me this is one of the miracles of singapore. And i find it’s very funny.


Besides hindu worshippers, The Sri Krishnan Temple. in Waterloo Street also sees devotees from chinese temple next door stopping by to light joss sticks.

Many people visit the temples on the 1st and 15th day of each month in the tamil and lunar calendars as they mark the new and full moon. the dates after coincide.

I used to go with my friends every morning on saturday, sunday. my friends is buddhist. so, when my friends while praying inside the temple, i just waiting ouside around the temple. (Because I am a Christian).

But devotees of one temple spill over other the area overflows with:


They  are sellers of fresh chrysanthemum and lotus flowers, and cheerfull fefrains of “Miss, do you want to buy flowers?”


Local hawker are unhappy with the fortune tellers, as more and more of the appear to steal a living, making the area more congested and effecting their business, hence spilling the beans.

Every weekend or 1st and 15th lunar day or holidays, about 20 unlicensed fortune tellers appear in front of the temple to set up store, even occupying the handicapped’s area.

The one of local hawker said “Usually only got about 10 fortune tellers outside the temple and they’ve been around for 10 years+, but recently more have come to steal shop, resulting in competition”.

Furthermore, for those with bad lots, they’ll persuade tourists to buy tailsman or amulets for safety ranging from $10 over to few hundred dollars. When tourists are unhappy over the high costs of deciphering the fortune lots usually it ends up in a heated quarrel between both sides.

For those people who like to visit singapore, do you interested to visit this place when you come to singapore ? whether to come just to look around, for praying for buy things, or you wand to find the fortune tellers to ask about your wealth, when you’ll get married, how and when you’ll meet death, etc. hehehe
And for you who need to repair your shoes, just go there and find this uncle on the picture below. He’ll be able to repair your shoes.

Hehuanshan (合欢山)

Hehuanshan (合欢山)

Hehuanshan means mountain of harmonious joy, or something like that. As you’ve probably come to realize if you’ve spent some time in Taiwan, Chinese people loveto give such poetic names to mountains, rivers, and other natural features.

Most countries do not possess mountains higher than three thousand meters. Even if they do, visitors still have to climb with heavy equipment in order to get on the clouds. However, in Taiwan, it only takes a three-hour drive from the downtown to reach Wuling, a mountain at an altitude of 3275 meters. Another hour of hiking brings visitors to Hehuan Main Peak, where clouds gather on the ridges.

Some people say Taiwan is the switzerland of Asia. Hehuanshan Natural Forest Area is located at the border of both Nantou County and Hualien County.

Most Taiwanese come here on weekends to enjoy the spectacular views from the comfort of their cars and to snap some pictures from the parking lot by Hehuan Cottage. But you will not satisfy yourself with mere glances at the mountains from highway stopping points… You’re here to walk! Let’s go!

Hike 1 : Hehuan Jian Shan, 3217m (Duration : 45 minut round-trip)

If you’re pressed by time or if hiking is not your thing, but you still want to “get high” then this short and easy (but steep) walk is for you.

Hike 2 : Hehuan East Peak, 3421m (Duration : 2 hours round-trip)

For good reason, it’s not too hard, nor too long, and the views from the top are simply stunning! But, There are some steep sections where you have to use your hands, or where hiking poles might come in handy.

Hike 3 : Hehuan North Peak, 3421m (Duration : 3.5 hours round-trip)

This trail is about 3.5km north of the cottage off the road to Taroko. The mountain seems to be a favorite choice for hiking groups from Taipei and it gets pretty busy on weekends. The trail ascends the southeast ridge and presents no real difficult challenge except a short exposed section right at the beginning.

Hike 4 : Hehuan West Peak, 3145m (Duration : 8 hours round-trip)

Are you ready for a challenge? You better be! The west peak is a very long trail and you should only attempt it if you’re in good shape. Sure, it’s only 3145m high, (lower than most peaks in the area) but the ridge is like a camel back with 5 BIG bumps. Click link below for the complete trail description.

Getting to hehuanshan

The best advice I have for anyone interested in traveling to Hehuanshan is to get your own wheels!

Having your own vehicle will add a sense of adventure! It will allow you to bring more stuff like camping / hiking gear, and you’ll be able to go at your own pace and stop along the way to snap a few shots of the stunning scenery.

It takes, roughly, about 3 hours to drive from Taichung to Hehuanshan if you don’t stop too much on the way, and it takes about the same time to get to Hualien from Hehuan Mountain. I know it doesn’t make sense when you look at a map, but you’ll understand if you drive in Taroko Gorge – the road is somewhat sinuous.

By Car / Motorcycle (highly recommended!)

Make sure to fill up your gas tank at Ching Jing Farm before heading higher as the next gas station is pretty far and it closes early.

Don’t drive too fast, don’t be impatient and pass other vehicles without seeing what’s ahead. Tons of high-on-beetle-nuts cabbage-truck-drivers travel down this road day and night and believe me – they don’t give a sh** about other cars or bike.

Bring warm clothes and rain gear. Yes, even in summer. It’s not uncommon for the temperature at Hehuanshan to be around 5 degrees Celcius even in the summer months when it’s 35 degrees not too far in Taichung City. Add to this a little bit of rain, or the wind if you’re riding a scooter and you can imagine how bad things can get.

Are you ready? Strap on your boots… or make sure your scooter has good brakes and a full tank… You’re off for a memorable experience!

FRIENDS since we were little

FRIENDS since we were little

Friends, who doesn’t know friends ??? no one in this world who don’t have friends. whether it was a close friends, best friends, old friends or just a friends. there are many kinds of friends in this world.

Talking about friends, this picture below was taken on march, 6th 2013.

This picture of me (Velin) with my close friends since we were little (Fabio, N’jel, Sela) at Fabio 17th birthday party. it’s been a long time, it’s about three years ago. so, guess which me ??? hahaha… if you’re people who know us, of course you know already. i am the one who ugliest…wkwkwk… I thought this is the last time i very close to them. because after that i choose to study away from home (not too far sih, i think about one and half hour trip from my house to my school...hahaha…) and they study just near at house (we live in the same village). Because of that i rarely met them. usually, we met everyday but after that, maybe once a week, or once for two weeks and sometimes once for a month. and it just by a chance, sometimes in the church or on the street. but sometimes i went to their house, even just infrequently, and only for few minutes until half to one hour. that’s why we’re not like where we used to be.

When january 2015, i decide to work away out of town and we meet just by the telephone and sometimes we chatting on facebook or blackberry messenger. and after that, i choose to leave country. but it’s not the end of our friendship. even we be apart and we not closer to each other anymore, but we still in the touch even just on the social media.

I missed them for almost 2 years… i wonder if they still thinks about me…probably not…! but they’re was my friends for about 15 years. whenever i would play with them, we’d go to their house or they come to my house, we sit on the bed or on the floor and eating snack. we’d go shooping, whether in the shooping mall, market or we go shooping second hand. hahaha… and sometimes we’d go swimming. many people know we’re best friends. the memory i came across was one, when our time sitting in elementary school. after school they often came to play and learn to my house, and i was very naughty, i am the one who always beat them without a reason…hahaha… sometimes because i wanted they to eat with me if i want to eat, but they didn’t want…hahaha… ohh,it’s so bad… now everytime i think about that, i’m really ashamed with my own self…hahaha..

We were good friends, even though we had our tiffs, but they always made me happy. i really like back to the time. they understood me and i really love them, i love them like sisters. until now, i felt really bad that i didn’t have anything they like. i really wish that when we meet again, we were back closer like when we used to be. but it’s impossible. times change… and we didn’t know whats will happen in the future, don’t know whats already happened when we meet again… maybe they’re married and already have Son and daughter…hehehe… of course we can’t back like in the past. but i hope that. whatever, i’m will be happy, if they already finding someone special who treat them better and be able to make them happy.

I really love and missed them, even i can’t tell them because i’m feel too shy if i told. but i really mean it… i didn’t know if they thinks as what i think, but it doesn’t matter and i don’t care. the most important i really mean it, when i say i love and miss them.

By: Velincia

You Are A V.I.P (Very Important Person)

You Are A V.I.P (Very Important Person)

Let us look at people from practical perspective. You have been given two eyes to see, legs to walk, hand to work, ears to hear. Your internal organs like your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, etc. are also your creators gifts to you. These are so precious and invaluable to us that without them it will be impossible for us to live on this planet earth. We can never buy them with all the money in the world – nor can any scientist manufacture them for us.
Is it possible to buy an eye or a leg, or a hand – Just as God made them – for one billion dollars? You are endowed with intelligence which enable you to study and work. Could you in the light of all this. Think how much you are really worth?

The lawyers refer to you as a client; the businessman calls you a customer; the doctor terms you as a patient; To the statistician you are but a digit in the computer. You are given a number in your identity card or passport to identify you.

God’s perspective of you is diametrically opposed to that of man. God has made you in His own image and has given you a soul – the worth of which is more than entire world’s silver, gold, precious stones and everything else put together, this implied by the question which the Lord Jesus asked; “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:36-37).

God put such an incalculable prize-tag on a soul that He thought it worthwhile to sacrifice His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, for you and me.

Yes! You are a V.I.P. – a Very Important Person. Realize what you are worth and receive God’s gifts of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

By: Dr. G. D. James

Mati sekali atau dua kali ?

Mati sekali atau dua kali ?

Seorang anak laki-laki sudah diambang kematian. ayahnya melakukan semuanya yang dia bisa untuk menyelamatkan anaknya tetap hidup. dokter sudah mengatahkan kepadanya bahwa mereka sudah tidak bisa melakukan apa apa lebih lagi untuk membantu anak kecilnya tetap hidup. tapi ayahnya tidak mau behenti berharap, dia pergi ke kuil untuk berdoa kepada dewa-dewa untuk meminta pertolongan. ” Dewa penyayang tolong biarkan anak kecilku hidup, aku akan melakukan apapun untuk menganti nyawanya.” salah satu orang suci di dalam mendengar dia berdoa dan berkata kepadanya. “Saya bisa memberikan lampu bagi anda untuk menerangi kamar anak anda dan semangatnya akan menghidupkannya kembali. tapi ada satu syarat yang harus dipenuhi;, anda harus meminjam api dari keluarga dimana tidak ada yang meninggal sebelumnya, kemudian gunakan api tersebut untuk menyalahkan lampunya. tidak ada api biasa yang dapat melakukannya.”Ayahnya dengan harapan terakhir untuk membantu anaknya tetap hidup, dengan banyak kecemasan dan harapan dia pergi dari pintu ke pintu untuk meminjam api tersebut. tapi dari setiap rumah yang dia kunjungi dia mendapatkan jawaban yang sama. “Maaf pak, seseorang sudah mati dikeluarga saya.” ada yang telah kehilangan orang tua, ada yang telah kehilangan kakek/nenek, ada juga yang telah kehilangan anak.

Jadi setiap keluarga pasti akan bertemu dengan yang namanya kematian, entah pada satu waktu atau waktu yang lain. harapan terakhir ayahnya hilang dan dia pulang kerumah untuk menunggu kematian anak tercintanya.
Cerita ini memberitahu kita bahwa tidak ada seorangpun didunia ini yang bisa lolos dari kematian. kematian adalah tragedi ketika datang ke keluarga kita. ketakutan akan kematian telah mendorong banyak orang cemas pergi ke peramal nasib dengan pertanyaan; kapan dan bagaimana saya akan bertemu dengan kematian?.

1 tahun saya tinggal disini, saya sudah banyak kali melihat orang-orang seperti itu disini, tapi tidak semua orang. tapi ditempat lain saya belum pernah melihat sebelumnya.
Sejak kematian datang dan matahari terbit untuk semua orang, tidak ada artinya untuk kita mengetahui waktu dan bagaimana kita akan bertemu dengan kematian. tapi hal yang paling penting adalah mengetahui apa yang akan terjadi kepada seseorang ketika dia mati. jika seseorang percaya bahwa kubur adalah akhir dari segalanya, maka ia juga harus setuju bahwa dokter adalah sekelompok orang bodoh yang mencoba merebut orang dari ambang kematian dan kemudian meninggalkan mereka hanya untuk mati suatu hari nanti dimasa depan. Jadi, kematian itu tidak dapat dihindari. tapi apakah itu adalah akhir dari segalanya untuk seseorang?.

Manusia memiliki jiwa selain tubuh fisik, komponen unik yang diberikan oleh Allah sang pencipta untuk membedakan mereka dari hewan. tubuh mereka akan mati tapi jiwa mereka hidup. ada kehidupan setelah kematian dan keabadian berikut kematian.
Lebih dari dua ribu tahun yang lalu, Allah mengutus anak-Nya Yesus Kristus kedunia ini untuk memberitahu kita bahwa kematian fisik tidak mengakhiri segalanya. setelah anda meninggalkan dunia materi ini, jiwa anda tetap hidup bahkan saat tubuh fisik anda membusuk dikubur.

Ada dua tempat yang anda dapat pergi setelah kematian: Surga atau Neraka. nasib anda ditentukan sebelum anda mati. bukan setelah. Surga adalah tempat dimana anda bisa dalam kehadiran konstan dari belas kasihan dan mengasihi Allah, sebuah istana dimana dosa tidak berkuasa atas anda. Neraka, disisi lain. adalah tempat hukuman kekal bagi mereka yang tidak mentaati Allah dan menolak untuk mengakui bahwa Yesus Kristus adalah satu-satunya penyelamat yang dikirim oleh Tuhan untuk menyelamatkan orang berdosa.

Setelah seseorang telah dilaporkan dari dosa-dosanya dan menerima Kristus sebagai penyelamat, kehidupan baru diberikan kepadanya melalui berdiamnya Roh Kudus. hidup baru dalam Kristus ini tidak akan pernah mati karena persatuan dengan Dia yang telah menaklukan kematian dengan Kebangkitan-Nya dari antara orang mati.
Ketika seseorang dilahirkan dua kali melalui kelahiran fisik dan kelahiran rohani. ia meninggal hanya satu sekali pada kematian fisik. tetapi jika ia dilahirkan hanya sekali secata fisik ia akan mati dua kali. kematian jasmani dan kematian rohani.

Tidak ada yang bisa lolos dari kematian, namun tidak semua orang harus mati dua kali. hanya mereka yang percaya kepada Yesus Kristus sebagai Juruselamat mereka akan diberikan hidup yang kekal.
Tapi mengapa iman didalam Yesus Kristus saja dan bukan orang lain?. karena Yesus Kristus adalah satu-satunya cara yang disiapkan Allah untuk keselamatan kita. tidak ada nama lain dibumi yang telah di berikan Allah dimana kita bisa diselamatkan. Yesus Kristus sendiri menyatahkan. “Akulah jalan kebenaran dan hidup. tidak ada seorang pun yang datang kepada Bapa, kalau tidak melalui aku.” (Yohanes 14:6).

Jika anda mengabaikan apa yang dia katakan, anda telah membuat keputusan untuk diri anda sendiri untuk pergi melalui kematian dua kali. secara fisik dan rohani.
Alkitab mengatakan: “Sebab tidak ada perbedaan; karena semua orang telah berbuat dosa dan telah kehilangan kemuliaan Allah.” (Roma 3:23b-23). apakah anda tua atau muda, miskin atau kaya. anda termasuk dalam kelompok ini, yaitu orang-orang berdosa dihadapan Allah. Alkitab juga menyatakan: “Sebab upah dosa ialah maut; tetapi karunia Allah ialah hidup yang kekal dalam Kristus Yesus, Tuhan kita.” (Roma 6:23).

Semua orang harus mati dua kali tapi buat mereka yang telah diberikan hidup yang kekal, mereka akan tinggal dirumah Bapa, selamanya disurga.
Bagaimana anda menilai status anda saat ini ? apakah anda termasuk dalam kelompok yang mati hanya sekali atau berada dalam kelompok yang akan mati dua kali ?. Yesus berkata; “Aku berkata kepadamu: sesunguhnya, barang siapa mendengar perkataanku dan percaya kepada dia yang mengutus aku, ia mempunyai hidup yang kekal dan tidak turut dihukum sebab ia sudah pindah dari dalam maut kedalam hidup.” (Yohanes 5:24). hidup yang kekal tidak dimulai pada saat kematian, itu dimulai sejak seseorang menerima Yesus sebagai Tuhan dan penyelamatnya.